The Seeker Pinot Noir 2014

The Seeker Pinot Noir 2014

This one is definitely in the running as my house wine…even though it happens to be French. I know! It shocks me too. I thought I would stay true to my Italian…but now I’m torn. I may have found a new love!

Lucky for you, you can try it too. It’s available at Publix, Target and Total Wine.

As you can see on the label, the Pinot Noir grapes found in The Seeker wine are from the high altitude vineyards of the French regions of Puy de Dôme and Méditerranée. The hot days and cold nights in that region lead to a delicate tasting grape that gets you its silky texture.

Right. That’s what I thought. It’s so intriguing. I bet you can’t wait to go out and buy yourself a bottle so you can experience what I’m talking about.

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This is a wine would be liked by most people. That’s what makes it a great house wine, not to mention the price. Yes. Inexpensive.

For example, Mami, aka Any, prefers a white Pinot Grigio. She’s not a big red wine lover. She took a sip/glass of The Seeker and really liked it. It is a good one to try to expand your palette into French wines.

The best way to describe The Seeker is saying it has a fruity scent and a dry fruit taste. When I smelled it, I smelled ripe strawberries and cherries. It’s definitely dry to me but it has a hint of fruitiness in it. The Seeker website says it’s, “Sweet cherry fruit melds with earth and spice, balanced acidity and ripe, fine tannin, giving a long, smooth finish.” Ohh it’s like a can taste it again!

It is interesting to read how the wine was made. The grapes were first destemed and then undergo a cold maceration at 43 – 46°F for 5-7 days. This process enhances the fruit smell. Then the grapes are fermented in open-top barrels for about 15-20 days, followed by malolactic fermentation. Because of this process, the wine has a bright cherry color. What I found most interesting is the absence of oak. That is what enhances the fruitiness.

Do me a favor. Go to the grocery store and pick up any French wine. Go for the most inexpensive one, if you want, or the one on sale if you’re a little skeptical. Or, if you’re a French wine lover, pick your favorite.

Let me know what you think? I’m starting this French adventure and I’m getting really excited. I want to try more French wines especially this month since it’s our chosen theme.