Sofi’s Tamburini Story

Wow! It’s been 8 year since the first time I tried wine. That is mind blowing to me. And, to think, it all started in Bologna, Italy, at a little spot called Tamburini. 

If you read my bio, then you know this is the exact spot that I ask my Mom and Dad (aka Jorge) if I could have wine while we were traveling in Italy. The answer to my surprise was, “Yes!” I mean, it was a social norm there. Kids drink with their family.  It was such a cool thing to watch and I am grateful my parents allowed me to participate. 

The bottle we had  Tre Rocche. Now this bottle of wine has been impossible to find, but recently, I was able to locate it on Vivino! If I am not mistaken it was a Sangiovese 2010. Now, this is me just looking over the wine facts, and it was a little bold, dry, somewhat soft and smooth wine. I am not surprised I liked it, because red, bold, and dry wines are my personal favorites. 

Being able to try wine for the first time in Italy has always been a reason I appreciate wine so much. I was able to experience it with my family and with no judgement. It became the thing my Dad and I would bond over. I legitimately thought I would become a wine sommelier too. Then. I left for college and that dream dwindled away.

I kept enjoying wine but I didn't think it would actually turn it into my life passion. Then, 5 years after the first glass of wine, I went back to the promise land, aka Bologna, where it all began.

I was first off very thankful I was able to study abroad in my favorite country, Italy. I remember on the very first day, the school gave us a tour of the city, and we came to the steps of Tamburini. It was like history was repeating itself. I turned to the guy next to me and said, “Haha this is where I tried wine for the first time!” I thought it was so cool! I was able to see the barrel table that my family and I sat around when drinking Tre Rocche

I came back to Tamburini but I was never able to find Tre Rocche ever again. I still look forward to the day that I find that bottle and am able to have a glass of it. One day! 

Tamburini is a special place. You are able to see the locals come in and buy their produce and pastas in the market area. In the room next door, there is a seating area inside, and on the outside it is a self sitting area. It was such a great spot to people watch too. It was the perfect definition of a true Italian market. It was busy and loud and all I could do was stand in the corner and watch in awe. I remember thinking how had changed in just 5 year. The idea of becoming a sommelier popped back into my head after this visit!

Tamburini will always hold a special spot in my heart. It is where my love for wine was planted. Where was you love for wine planted?