Not Your Typical Napa Wine

My wife, Any, and I recently visited with our friends and Casual Winers Cathy and Andrew Kitchura. They live in Sacrament just a short drive from Napa and California’s top wine producing regions.

It was a treat visiting a wine growing region with a couple that knows wine and the area really well.  They gave us an insider’s look at Napa.  A special thanks Andrew who was our self-designated driver during two days in Napa.  Cathy, then became my red wine drinking buddy.  She is a fellow Cab lover, which was perfect, given that Napa is super big on Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Prisoner Wine Company tasting room right on Napa’s main drag.  We tasted a few of their selection. This Headlock 2017 Charbono is NOT a Cab.  It’s made from the Charbono grape variety which neither Cathy nor I had ever tasted before. We both agreed it was the best of what we had in their tasting.  They shared with us that Charbono was thought to be a variety native to Italy, but recent genetic testing confirmed it’s a French variety.

Anyway, here’s our tasting for this one.  Sofia and I will be opening up a bottle we brought back from Napa so we’ll cover this again in the next few weeks.

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