Lui Di Luiano Rosso Toscana 2005

We were pre-gaming Noche Buena 2019, finishing off the decade so we selected something special. We brought Mom and big sis Monica into our tasting so we can hear what they had to say.

This is a Super Tuscan blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Colorino Toscano. We picked it thinking it’s Tuscan, goes with our Italian red theme this month and it’s a 2005, 14 years old.

This one cost us $30 at Total Wine. We were NOT thinking, “WOW! This is good wine.” This one had a odor of leather, musk and even licorice, prune and fig. This was a unexpected for all of us.

Big sis Monica hated the smell. We could understand why.

We let it air out for over an hour. It does grow on you, but it’s not something either Jorge or Sofia thought, “Let’s go out an buy another one.” It was worth tasting, but that’s it.

So you know, it’d definitely bold. It’s acidic. It has a bit of prune and fig smell like we mentioned before. We had it with Manchego cheese and Cantinpalo sausage and it went well with it.

Catch the details of this tasting in the video below.

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