Join us at Sparkle41!

Join us at Sparkle41!

Join us October 2nd from 11:30am  to 10:30pm for Sparkle 41

EB Hotel Grand Ballroom

4299 NW 36 Street

Miami Springs, FL 33166 

What You Can Expect

  • Winemaker Presentations throughout the day explaining to all about their sparkling wines. They'll take your questions.
  • Mimosa competitions. Who doesn't like a Mimosa especially when the servers are doing their best to impress?
  • Pairing meals with sparkling wine presentations by sommeliers and chefs. (Did you know fried chicken goes best with Sparkling? Learn so much more)
  • Special pairings with specialty foods. (Would sparkling wine go well with croquetas, arroz con pollo? Drop by to find out.) 
  • Sparkling mixers. See how creative our sparkling wine makers will get.
  • Music and art presentations. Of course, you have to pair sparkling with all of the arts.

Join us and have