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About the Book

Most people hit Total Wines or Costco’s wine section and think, “Where do I begin?  What do these 90, 92 and 95 numbers mean?  Do I buy Italian, Spanish or (chant) USA, USA, USA?”   A lot of us feel overwhelmed, confused, lost and probably stupid too.  There are so many to pick from?  And what a typical, casual wine drinker wants should be simple, right?  They want a bottle of wine they like.  They want to bring home a bottle of wine, open it up and say, “I really like that.”

I’ve spoken with many, many wine drinkers.  Very few of them see themselves as knowledgeable enough.   Some are newbies.  Some have some basic knowledge.  Others know a lot more and they still feel awkward finding a bottle of wine that's right for them.  And like a lot of wine drinkers, they wants something you think would be easy to get.  They enjoy drinking wine.  They know something about what they like and don’t like.  They want a way to know the next bottle they get will be a good one.

What I share in this book is what I’ve learned so you can sidestep the potholes we ran into trying to figure out wines here in the States.  I fell into a lot of those potholes myself and what I want is to share with you are the basics. You don’t need to know everything.  You do need to know something.  What I promise you is you’ll be on your way to NEVER having to say to yourself, “I bought another crummy bottle of wine that I just don’t like.”