Cattoo Pinot Noir 2018 – Sharon Weeks, California

I’ve been a Naked Wine club members a while.  I’m a supporter of these smaller wine growers that get funded through this co-op set up and I’ve been happy with the wines I’ve purchased from them.

One of the winemakers I follow is Sharon Weeks out of California.  You’ll recognize her wines by the cats on the labels.  I’ve enjoyed the blends I’ve purchased from her and with the Pinot Noir theme we’re running this month, I figured I’d throw her Pinot Noir into the tasting queue.

My wife, daughter Monica and her boyfriend were having Italian we picked up for our Friday evening dinner  We started that evening’s meal off with the Alpataco Pinot Noir that discussed in my previous articles.

It’s interesting what happens when you follow to similar wines back to back during the same dinner with an open and exploring sort of approach. I asked my wife, remember she’s the Pinot Noir lover, and she said she like it.  It’s her thing.

Wha I found is this one had a more fruity, cherry, strawberry smell and taste to it.  I liked that.  I also found this one tangy and dry.  That was good too.  However, having it with an Italian red dish didn’t pair as well.  This is not something I would have notice had I not just had the Alpataco.  This one had an acidic ending that I didn’t really like.  The other one did not and with the spicy Italian red sauce, I found this wine competing instead of complementing the meal.

I’m going to continue trying out what Sharon produces, but I hands down liked the Argentinian one better.

Don’t leave me out here all alone.  Please grab yourself a Pinot Noir and share with us what you think.  We want to hear from you.