Become an Official Casual Winer

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a bottle of wine, take it home, open it up and…“Wha, wha.”

It sucks.

It’s NOT what you like.

What a disappointment.

Have you ever found a 2015 Chianti on sale.  

You like Chianti’s.

It’s highly rated on Vivino.

It’s rated 95 on those scales they post in the store or on the wine bottle.
It’s $12 off.
Then you give it a try and it’s, “eh.” Nothing to write home about.
You might be someone that likes wine and avoids buying bad ones by sticking to the “go to wine” you always drink. You’d like to venture out and experiment, but don’t know how. You aren’t sure how to try the next best thing for you for fear of getting something you don’t like.
You ever go to restaurant and check out the wine list? Those picks should be good, right?
The restaurant’s top notch.
Everyone tells you the food is great.
You’re paying 100% to 200% mark up because that’s what restaurants do.
Then you order a bottle and…it’s underwhelming. You don’t really care for it.

Winers of the World UNITE!

Become a Casual Winers joining a movement of fellow casual (and not snooty) wine drinkers that are a looking for a nice bottle they just plain like.

Join the most fun and informative wine community and wine information hub ANYWHERE. Get access to people that know wine. Get connected with restaurant owners that buy wine and are willing to tell us their secrets. Gain access to knowledgeable wine shop owners who live to connect people with the wine they like and not just wine that’s in style and highly rated. We’ve also got some sommeliers that are more than happy to share with you what they know.

Basically, you’re joining a community of people to share with you what they know. We’ve got the fix so you never have to deal with wine disappointment again.

We share with you:
  • what we know,
  • what our contacts know and
  • how you can learn what wine it is that you like best.
This includes learning what you don’t like and how to try new wines that you are likely to like.

 So How Does This Casual Winers Thing Work?

Here’s what we believe a Casual Winers needs to come up to speed on getting wines you lover every time. Join now and get our post-pandemic relaunch price which is reduced $60 a year. That price won’t be around very long so take advantage of it soon.

What do you get?

  • A private Facebook group where our community of Casual Winers share what they know with each other. Sofia and Jorge are an active part of that, of course. They’ve invited visiting experts that participate in there. They are all actively posting, engaging with members in the group and participating to keep everyone in the know.
  • A copy of Jorge’s book, A Casual Winers Guide to Picking Wines You Love Everytime. It’s a quick read that tells you everything you need to know as a newbie or not-so-newbie to learn about the wines that work best for you and how to explore other wines that you’ll also like.
  • Weekly wine tastings where Sofia, Jorge and one of our special guest tasters, sample wine, maybe pair it with a nice dish and tell you why they thought to do that. They’ll also share a little history about wine when it makes sense, tell you about wineries around the world and so much more. They’ll go over what is it about that one that makes it a good for them and for those that love it.
  • Our private Casual Winers wine database set up specifically to give Casual Winers our take on many, many, many wines. It’s really nicely organized and searchable.
  • Full access to our Casual Winers archive. Articles are published on Casual Winers every week. Members see them in their entirety. Non-members do NOT. (What a shame all their are missing.) That means you get full access to all the articles, wine tastings, restaurant wine list reviews, interviews with wine pros in the know and all our articlas on wine types, wine regions, wine regions and all our content. Members also get a search feature so they can get right to the information they want fast.

This is a GREAT gift for that very
special Winer in your life.

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