About us

Are you an regular wine drinker wanting to learn more? Are you a newbie to wine drinking and interested in exploring? Or are you a wine expert and want to share your knowledge?

Then, you have come to the right place.  

Casual Winers is a wine club and community. This is a wine network where you can experience and learn to love wine like we do.   You’ll learn from us, meaning Jorge and Sofia – the founders, and from all the people that participate in our community.

What are the best white wines

How did we start?

Well Jorge brought this idea to Sofia.  (Jorge is Sofia’s dad.) She told him, “OK,” but this had to be a fun way for others to learn. They had joined so many different wine clubs, but none of them helped broaden their knowledge.

So, this is both a club that you can learn and be able to taste the wines we talk about.