19 Crimes Australian Syrah Blend

19 Crimes – Great Wine Great Story

Here's our very first Casual Winer tasting with 19 Crimes.    It's what Dad (aka Jorge) and I consider a House Wine given they are under $10 and pair well with a lot of things.  They are a hit for filling your cooler with a bottle you can pull out at any time.  

Watch our video.  It’s pretty fun and I guarantee you’ll learn more about the wine!

This Australian Shiraz red blend wine has an interesting history dating back to the 19 crimes from 16th to 18th century.   If you committed those in Britain, it would get you an all expense paid trip to exile in Australia.

The crimes appear on the 19 Crimes wine corks.  The red blend cork on our bottle was for crime number 5 - Impersonating an Egyptian.  According to the 19 Crimes website, “16th century England began to criminalize ‘The Wandering People.’  Eventually, it became a felony to even impersonate one.  


It is crazy to think that the 19 Crimes wine launched about 6 years ago.  It is such a well known brand now.  It goes well with almost anything.  Last night, Dad enjoyed it with a chicken pot pie and I enjoyed it with a Caesar salad and some chicken wings.  Mom calls these Poquitico Nights,m  Spanish for "a little bit of everything night."  If you’ve read Dad’s bio you know we're Cuban so I hope you enjoy the Spanish in this blog. 

If you are an everyday wine drinker or a newbie that is worried about buying this wine and not liking it, just think, the worst case scenario is that you’ll only be losing about $10 for trying it.

You will like it.  I do strongly recommend airing the wine out. It will help enhance the flavors.

Pull out a glass of wine and fill it. Notice how it has a deep red/purple color to it. Swirl it around in your glass (not too fast) and notice the legs. They fall quickly and the legs are not too thick either. This means there is not a lot of alcohol in the wine and there is not a lot of sugar either. One thing to noticed is that the thickness of the legs will determine how much alcohol is in the wine and the speed the legs fall will determine how fast it evaporates and how much sugar is in the wine.

Let me know what you think of this wine! Did you like it? What color are you seeing in the glass? Did you notice something different about the legs? If yes, let me know! And, if you did not like it, why?

I would love to learn and hear from you!